Cornell Tech facilities are open for regular business Monday thru Friday, from 7:00 AM – 9:30 PM. Visitors must be pre-registered by their Cornell Tech host in the campus visitor management system. Visitors who are not pre-registered will not be granted building access until campus Safety & Security can confirm their appointment with the appropriate host.

Visitors over the age of eighteen (18) will verify their identity by showing a city, state, or federal photo identification card, having their photograph taken and being issued an adhesive visitor pass prior to entering the building. Visitors under the age of eighteen (18) and without a valid photo identification card must be identified by their host, have their photograph taken and be issued a visitor pass prior to entering the building. Visitors under the age of six (6) are not required to receive a visitor pass. The visitor pass must be displayed on the visitor’s outermost garment at all times while inside any Cornell Tech facility.


Host Faculty, Staff or Student Responsibility

The host will be held responsible, at all times, for the conduct and behavior of his or her visitors (registered or unregistered). In the event of violations of Cornell Tech’s Conduct Policy, the host will bear responsibility. This responsibility might include financial restitution and disciplinary action. If the responsible visitor is identified, the host and the visitor will both bear responsibility for any violations. Cornell Tech may report involvement in conduct code violations to the visitor’s school or organization. Visitors who become separated from their hosts must go to the Campus Security Desk to inform the officers, who will offer assistance to the visitor to reunite them with their host.


The following guidelines specifically apply to Cornell Tech masters’ students:

  • Masters’ students are limited to two (2) visitors at a time, and must be present at the Security Desk to sign them in; thereafter, the masters’ student must escort the visitor at all times.
  • Masters’ students and their visitors may access the Masters Studio and the common areas of the 1st & Cellar floors of the Bloomberg Center and the Master’s Loft in the Tata Innovation Center. However, they are not permitted on any upper floors (2nd floor and above) of the Bloomberg Center, unless they have an appointment with a Faculty or Staff member. Masters’ students and their visitors must exit the upper floors immediately upon completion of their scheduled meeting.