Utility Emergency

Loss of power or other building mechanical systems are disruptive and may pose a safety threat to the Cornell Tech community. The Cornell Tech Facilities Department will work to provide restoration of services in the event of any disruption of normal services, within the shortest possible time, and to ensure a safe environment for the Cornell Tech community.


Directives for the Cornell Tech Community

Be aware of and report any of the following conditions to Facilities or Campus Safety & Security immediately:

  • Strange sounds, leaks, odors or other unusual occurrences.
  • The loss of electricity or dimming or flickering of lights.
  • If you smell gas, smoke, other harsh odors, or there is the presence of excessive heat.
  • Any water leak or sounds of running water that is not routine.
  • If there is a flood, stop using all electrical equipment immediately.
  • The Facilities Department and Campus Safety & Security will immediately inspect the affected area(s) to determine the cause and possible duration of the problem.
  • Affected areas of the building may be sealed off to prevent injury. If Campus Safety & Security initiates an evacuation of your area or the entire building, follow normal evacuation procedures.


Elevator Emergency

  1. If you become trapped in an elevator, attempt to contact Campus Safety & Security by using the emergency alarm, telephone or speaker located on the elevator control panel. If you cannot contact help this way, use a cell phone or shout for help.
  2. Remain calm and wait for assistance.
  3. Do not attempt to force open the elevator door or otherwise leave the elevator car.



  1.   If you are locked out of your office or locked within a room or office notify Campus Safety & Security at 646-971-3611 for assistance.