Everyone at Cornell Tech should be familiar with the procedures for building Evacuation, Shelter in Place and Lockdown. These actions can help you stay safe in the event of specific emergency incidents.


Building Evacuation

Building evacuations don’t happen often, but when they do, Cornell Tech wants you to be safe and needs you to be prepared. Evacuation means getting out of the building and away from a threat. Members of the university community should be familiar with building evacuation plans for all Cornell Tech locations.

  1. When a building evacuation is announced, everyone needs to evacuate the building – evacuation is mandatory.
  2. Close doors and windows behind you while exiting (if possible) and exit the building from the closest safe exit.
  3. Do not use the elevators; you could become trapped or it could open on an unsafe floor.
  4. If you can do so safely, assist those that may need help in exiting the building. If they are unable to evacuate escort them to a safe position near an egress stairwell. Notify Campus Safety & Security personnel or emergency responders as you exit the building.
  5. Proceed to your designated assembly area and await further instruction.
  6. Stay clear of the building. Keep building access, streets and sidewalks clear for responding emergency personnel.
  7. Do not re-enter the building until you are instructed to do so by Cornell Tech Safety & Security personnel.


If you need assistance evacuating

  • Don’t panic – proceed to the nearest egress stairwell and remain there.
  • Notify those evacuating of your situation so they can notify Campus Safety & Security of your location.
  • Plan ahead – advise Campus Safety & Security about your situation ahead of time if you will have trouble evacuating in an emergency.


Shelter in Place

Whether at home, Cornell Tech or elsewhere, there may be situations when it is best to stay where you are during an emergency. Shelter in Place means to stay indoors because of dangerous conditions outside the building. This unsafe condition could be due to environmental issues, falling debris, utility emergencies or other unsafe conditions.

  1. Cornell Tech will broadcast a direction to Shelter in Place via a TechALERT emergency notification. If necessary, this message will instruct those enroute to avoid the Cornell Tech campus and to seek shelter.
  2. If on campus, everyone should proceed to a classroom, meeting room, restroom, or other similarly protected area.
  3. Turn off air conditioners and ventilation systems. Close and stay away from all windows.
  4. Stay alert for current news and official instructions.
  5. Do not open windows or doors. Remain in protected areas until advised by government officials or via a TechALERT message that all is clear.



Lockdown means to lock and barricade yourself in a secure area that will help protect you from an active shooter, armed assailant or similar threat.

  1. Seek shelter in the nearest classroom, meeting room, restroom, closet, or other similarly protected area. If possible, do not seek shelter in any room with glass doors or walls.
  2. Lock or barricade door(s) from the inside if possible. Use all available room furnishings to help barricade the door. If applicable, wrap a belt around the hydraulic door closure mechanism to prevent opening.  
  3. Turn off lights and silence all electronic devices.
  4. STAY OUT OF SIGHT. Take a seated position on the floor next to an interior solid wall and out of view from the door window (if applicable).
  5. If you have a cell phone keep it on silent or vibrate. Monitor it for updated information from Cornell Tech via a TechALERT.
  6. Do not respond to a fire alarm during a lockdown unless imminent signs of fire are observed.
  7. Do not respond to directives to open the door or exit the room. You will only be released from the room by uniformed Campus Safety & Security personnel or the New York Police Department.