A missing person is defined as a Cornell Tech community member who cannot be contacted or located, or a visitor last seen on campus which cannot be contacted or located. There is no minimum amount of time that a person must be missing before a report can be made.  Safety & Security will work closely with the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department and the NYPD to locate a missing person.

Directives for the Cornell Tech Community

  1. If you become aware of a missing person, immediately notify Campus Safety & Security at 646-971-3611. If there is an imminent danger to the missing person, immediately call 911.
  2. Please be ready to provide as much information as possible: missing person’s name, address, cell number, physical description, clothing description, location last seen, medical concerns, etc.
  3. If possible, provide a recent photograph of the missing person.
  4. If you happen to discover a missing child or person, please contact Safety & Security at 646-971-3611, so that we can render assistance and begin the process of returning the missing person to their residence or care giver.
  5. The campus emergency blue light system may also be utilized to contact Safety & Security if a cell phone is not immediately available.