Suspicious Packages

Suspicious packages can pose a serious danger to the Cornell Tech Community. If you ever observe or receive a package or letter that you believe is suspicious or questionable, immediately contact Campus Safety & Security at 646-971-3611 or 911 if there are signs of imminent danger.


Directives for Cornell Tech Community

  1. If you become aware of a suspicious or unusual package, letter or object, do NOT touch it, open it or disturb it.
  2. Do NOT carry the item to other areas or show it to other people.
  3. If anything spills out of the package, do not attempt to clean it up.
  4. Isolate the package by having everyone leave the room. Close and lock the door, if possible, and evacuate the area.
  5. Avoid using portable electronic devices (radios or cell phones) when dealing with any suspicious package incidents.
  6.   Contact Campus Safety & Security at 646-971-3611
  7. Wait for further instructions or information from law enforcement or Campus Safety & Security.
  8. If at any time a decision is made to evacuate the building the Cornell Tech community will be advised to follow standard evacuation procedures and exit in a calm and orderly fashion. Building occupants will report to building assembly areas and await further instructions.
  9. Do not re-enter the building until advised to do so by first responders or Campus Safety and Security.