Violent, Disruptive or Criminal Behavior

Incidents of violence can occur on campus, in our workplace or in the residential building with little or no warning. The entire Cornell Tech Community shares the responsibility of keeping our campus safe by being alert to criminal or suspicious behavior. Any form of violent, destructive or criminal behavior must be immediately reported to 911 and Campus Safety & Security.


Directives for the Cornell Tech Community

  1. If you become aware of any act of violence or criminal behavior, or if an individual is acting in a suspicious or threatening manner on campus, contact Campus Safety & Security immediately at 646-971-3611 and call 911.
  2. If an individual is acting in a disruptive or disorderly manner in a classroom setting, faculty members are advised to document the incident and report the matter to the Assistant Director of Safety & Security, Director of Student Services, and faculty leadership. If a faculty member feels uneasy or if an individual’s behavior is threatening or menacing in any manner, contact Campus Safety & Security immediately.
  3. Cornell Tech strongly condemns any acts of violence at the Cornell Tech campus or in the workplace. Employees have a responsibility to promptly report any threats or incidents of workplace violence.


If You are the Victim of a Crime

  • Immediately call Campus Safety & Security at 646-971-3611 and 911.
  • Be observant to the physical description of the person.
  • Do not resist in an attempt to retain your property your safety is paramount in any encounter.
  • Run and scream if possible to attract attention and get help.
  • Never put yourself or another in a dangerous situation. Know where it is safe to be and where you can go to get help.