Classroom Safety

Discuss classroom and personal safety, review the emergency exits and know two ways out, and stress the importance of quick action while staying calm. Remember, you are the help until help arrives.


See Something, Say Something: Report an Emergency or Suspicious Activity

Call 911 for emergencies & 646-971-3611 to notify the Safety & Security dispatch office.


Emergency Alert Notification (TechALERT)

If a TechALERT is received during class, immediately share (and ask students to share) the information with the rest of the class and follow the instructions provided.


Evacuation (e.g., fire alarm, facility-related emergencies)

Upon fire alarm activation, immediately evacuate the building unless instructed otherwise by the Fire Safety Director via the building PA system. Proceed to the nearest exit with students. Do not use elevators or interior access stairwells. Report to emergency assembly area and account for students. Do not re-enter building until instructed by first responders or University officials.


Medical Emergency

Stop class, call 911 and Safety & Security at 646-971-3611. Only move the victim if there is a threat to their or your safety. Provide first aid, if trained, and reassure the person that help is on the way. Instruct another student to go outside and flag down emergency responders.


Active Shooter/Violence in Progress

In the unlikely event of an attacker on campus, quickly determine if you should Avoid, Barricade, or Confront.

  • Avoid: Rapidly decide on an escape route. If the class can get out of the building safely and avoid the assailant, run out and away as fast as you can. Call 911 when safe to do so. Keep hands visible and empty if you encounter police.
  • Barricade: Hide and barricade if you cannot escape. Lock and obstruct doors with heavy objects, turn off lights, silence cell phones, and remain quiet until help arrives.
  • Confront: Fight back when presented with no other options. Collect objects (e.g., keys, books, chairs, fire extinguisher) to throw and distract, and/or incapacitate, and act with intent, speed, and aggression toward the attacker.While waiting for first responders, and if safe to do so, care for individuals with life-threatening injuries such as uncontrolled bleeding (see “Stop the Bleed”, and “Save a Life” for more information).


Shelter in Place (e.g., severe weather, hazardous materials incident)

Remain in a classroom or get to a similarly protected area. Close and stay away from all windows. Make yourself comfortable and look after one another. Monitor and TechALERT for incident updates.


Additional Information

Be mindful of academic, physical, and emotional indicators of distress in students; consult Student Services for resources and guidance.