Hazardous Materials

Any incident involving potentially hazardous materials, chemicals or bodily fluids is disruptive and may pose a safety threat to the Cornell Tech community. Cornell Tech Facilities, Campus Safety & Security, and other qualified Cornell Tech professionals will work to safely mitigate any such incident. Restoration of services will be resumed as quickly as possible to ensure a safe environment for the Cornell Tech community.


Directives for the Cornell Tech Community

Upon discovering a spill or having been exposed to a potentially hazardous material (chemicals, blood, etc.), members of the Cornell Tech community should:

  1. Notify Campus Safety & Security immediately. Be specific about the nature of the involved material and the exact location of occurrence.
  2. Evacuate the area and offer assistance to others as needed.
  3. Attempt to seal off the area to prevent further contamination or injury. This can be as simple as closing a door.
  4. Do not allow anyone to enter the contaminated area.
  5. Do not step in, touch, or attempt to clean up any spills. Avoid inhaling fumes, gases, or vapors.
  6. If a substance makes contact with your skin, flush the affected area with running water for at least 15 minutes.
  7. Anyone that has had contact with the substance should stay together in a safe, isolated area.
  8. Affected areas of the building may be sealed off to prevent injury. If Campus Safety & Security initiates an evacuation of your area or the entire building, follow normal evacuation procedures.
  9. Do not return to an evacuated area unless authorized by Campus Safety & Security.