Animal Incidents

Only trained animal technicians should handle animals.  Untrained persons should not attempt to approach animals. Any direct physical contact with an unknown animal, especially if it results in a bite or scratch, is a serious issue and should be reported to the City of New York at 311 or 212-639-9675  as soon as possible.

If an animal such as a bat or raccoon is found inside a building, isolate it in a room by closing doors behind it and keeping people away. Call Facilities Customer Service at 646-971-3660 .

If you are unable to isolate the animal, call Cornell Tech Security  at 13611 (or 646-971-3611 from a cell phone). If an animal has bitten, scratched or had direct contact with a person, call the City of New York at 311 as soon as possible.

If you see a suspicious animal wandering loose on campus, call Facilities Customer Service at 646-971-3660.